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Academic Help

“I’ve Fallen Behind in my Classes!” 

Students studying

Tips for Students 

 Lydia Minatoya, Ph.D.  

Edited by Jenny Mao, Ph.D.  

North Seattle College – Counseling Services 

Take a deep breath and tell yourself not to panic, freeze or ignore the situation through use of distractions or denial.  Consider temporarily clearing out your calendar, reduce work commitments or other responsibilities to meet your deadlines. In a kind, calm voice, tell yourself you can get help by following the steps below. 

 Step 1: Communicate with your instructors.   

  • Explain any obstacles you are facing and tell them you are interested in the course content and you respect their instruction.  
  • Ask their advice on what major topics to focus your understanding, so you can catch up.   
  • Ask at what level of detail and understanding they will test: solving problems; understanding case examples; recognizing facts and information in multiple-choice tests? 

Step 2: Pay attention to deadlines and test dates.   

  • Do not try to catch-up the night or weekend before a test. 
  • If you need a deadline extension, read the syllabus on late policy.  
  • If there is flexibility with due dates, email instructor requesting an extension.  
  • If there is no flexibility with deadlines, move on to the next set of assignments.  

Step 3: Prioritize assignments starting with those with the closest deadlines 

  • Use “chunking” strategies to break large, complex sets of assignments into smaller chunks so you can complete them by the due dates.   
  • Space your study of these chunks over days, creating a study plan to submit your work by the due dates. 

Step 4: Work backward on missed assignments  

  • If due dates are flexible, create a plan and a timeline on completing missed work. 
  • Create a to-do list for assignments missed and commit to sticking with your timeline. 
  • Start with what you can easily complete and submit. 
  • Follow step 3 for the larger, more complex assignments. 
  • Seek etutoring and instructor office hours to support your learning  

Step 5: Talk to a NSC counselor to develop a study plan and learn to manage your schedule.  

  • North counselors help students succeed in college by coaching them study strategies such as time management, stress management, test taking, test preparation, concentration, and/or test anxiety.  
  • Make an appointment with a counselor by requesting an appointment here.   
  • If you have a disability, consult with the Disability Services Office about accommodations.  

Step 6: Talk with your advisor and/or financial aid to discuss your academic options.  

  • If you are on financial aid and think you need to drop one class to succeed, first go to financial aid to discuss consequences of dropping one class.  
  • If you believe you need extra support to explore academic options, meet with your advisor as they are part of your support team.  

NSC faculty counselors help students identify careers, select programs of study, strengthen study skills, manage personal challenges, deal with crisis, confront prejudice and learn other student success skills.

©Lydia Minatoya, 2016; ©Revised by Jenny Mao, Ph.D. 2020. Counseling, North Seattle College. Distribution for nonprofit educational purposes permitted when reproduced in full, with inclusion of this copyright statement. 

Jenny Mao, Ph.D. Pronouns: she|her|hers
Counseling Faculty 
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International Student Social

Join us for a weekly social event – just for International Students!

Every Thursday from 4-5pm (Seattle Time) virtually meet with other international students, play games, practice your English conversation and make friends.

Learn about the Library!


Learn about the Library and the Student Media Center from our IA Rami Ghozeil!



Hey Guys, Rami is back! I hope everyone had a great Summer Vacation. I wanted to give you a couple of suggestions of how to use our campus resources into your own work, so you would thrive in every way. I will mention two resources here: The Library and the Student Media Center.

The Library: We are blessed that NSC provided us a place, which is the library, to peacefully get our work done. If you do not have a laptop or a computer, the library is your best choice to work hard and play hard: There are computers, which you can use for your essays and other projects, to print out your work. During my first quarter in North, the library saved my life through the useful resources I needed to complete my assignments. I didn’t have a computer back then, so I was very glad that this college is very supportive in every way, paving the way for us. Furthermore, you can use the library if you have a research project: Instead of going to any public library or any bookstore to find credible sources, which can  consume  a lot of time, our library is the most convenient way to get things done. For that, there is a search engine in the NSC website that you can use to instantly find sources that you need, such as scholarly or primary sources. So tell me, cool right!  Also, if you have a presentation to practice for or you need to study with your friends for a particular assignment, the library offers private rooms that consists of computers, projects, and a large table in which you can get comfortable getting your dreams done. Now, let us talk about the fun stuff: Not only you can use the computers for your assignments, but it is also a place to enjoy yourself if you have a lot to carry on your shoulders. You can use the library to rent movies, shhh don’t tell anyone. For me personally, one of my favorite things to do when I’m in the library during my stressful times is reading. I was shocked of how diverse our library is when it comes to books: Non-Fiction, Fiction, Sci-fi, biographies and so on. So, you are welcome to pass by and enjoy the ride!


Student Media Center: The Student Media Center also offers computers and study rooms in which we can use to complete our assignments, but also it accommodates other useful resources. Some types of projects and art related assignments does not happen in the library, but that kind of party happens in the Student Media Center. I just headed to the Student Media Center an hour ago to work on something, and I actually found out that you could borrow a digital camera for a maximum of 7 days to do what you need to do. Cool right? I was very surprised. If you are more interested in the media field after taking your favorite photos or videos, you can edit, record, export videos, audio-visual software, and video recording equipment. It’s like you have your own private studio, instead of actually going to one, which is expensive. Also, if you’ve got some art in you, the Student Media Center is here to the rescue: you can use scissors, paper punches, glues, markers, colored pencils, cutting boards, and paper cutting. I hope one day this information will make you blossom in every way. Have a nice day!


Study Tips


Study Tips for the First & Second Weeks of Classes

Available at “tips”

North Seattle College, Counseling

Lydia Minatoya, Ph.D.



  1. Eat light frequent meals with vegetables, fruit, and protein.  Exercise moderately to reduce stress and increase stamina.  Sleep at least 7 hours each night.  Nutrition, exercise and rest are essential to fuel energy, concentration, memory, comprehension, recall and confidence!


  1. Read the syllabus for each class you are taking.  In the syllabus, the instructor tells you what assignments you must do, by when.  The syllabus provides information such as: how the instructor will arrive at your grade, how to contact your instructor if you have any questions about assignments, and guidelines for behaviors your instructor expects.  Let your instructor know immediately, if you are unclear about any item on the syllabus or if you have special needs or situations (such as a disability, or a job, family situation, or bus commute that may occasionally make you late).


  1. Buy your books and supplies by the third day of the quarter.


  1. Do not miss class!  If an emergency arises, call the instructor before the class and explain why you will miss and when you will return.


  1. Smile and make friends with your classmates so you can share notes and ask each other questions about assignments.  Consider forming a study group.


  1. Study first, on campus or in a quiet location where there are fewer distractions. Then, you can focus on other activities and interests without guilt North’s Student Learning Center offers extensive tutoring services in writing, math, accounting, biology, chemistry, world languages (first floor of the Health Sciences and Student Resources/next to the Grove cafeteria).  North’s Library offers students support and resources to help you succeed.


  1. Study every day.  Plan a schedule with specific and sufficient times to study and stick to it. Take notes on what you are reading so you will have a summary (and less to review) when the test comes aroundUse your syllabus and mark on a calendar the dates for quizzes, tests, papers.  Then, plan extra study time preceding these dates.


  1. Break big assignments into smaller tasks.  This makes it easier to startStudy for thirty minutes, take a five-minute break, and go back for thirty minutes more. When memorizing (vocabulary lists, formulas, etc.) break lists into shorter lists of three or four concepts/vocabulary words.  Learn them, take a break, and learn four more.  If you try to learn a long list all at once, you may remember the first four items and the last three, but everything in between will likely be a blur.


  1. Plan some leisure time every day (aim for one hour per day) and every weekend (aim for a three to four hour block) to do something you enjoy!  It is easier to study when you know you have a break scheduled and it is easier to relax and enjoy yourself when you know you have completed some of your homework.


Study Tips for Online Students


Instructor Gwyn Jones suggests that online students:


  • Check in to your course sites every day and log in at specified times for required or optional events such as “office hours”.


  • Interact with classmates via the discussion forums and other communication options.


Here are online study suggestions from a student in Instructor Dennis Schaffer’s class:


If I have to hop back and forth between screens or windows and concentrate on closely spaced lines of directions, when I am also trying to learn a new task on the computer, I can get bogged down. This is something that helps me a lot:


  • I print out my directions or questions in larger font with more spacing between lines and put that printed sheet of directions next to my computer as I work.


  • I cross out or put check marks next to the steps as I go so I remember that I finished a step


  • Somehow having the paper and ink next to the computer screen helps me to focus better on the different steps.


Earl Sedlik has developed a power point that he uses to teach students the SQ3R  textbook reading and note-taking system.  Earl also provides his students with links such as:


Reading, Study, Concentration (and other study guides from Virginia Tech)




NSC Counseling faculty members– Jenny Mao, Ph.D. and Lydia Minatoya, Ph.D.–help students identify careers, pick programs of study, strengthen study skills, manage time and stress, confront prejudice, identify referral resources and learn other student success skills.  Counseling is located in Student Success Services, NSC College Center, 2nd floor, north end. M-F 8-4:30. 206 934-3676.  Additional online self-help is available  at

Please remember that e-mail is not a secure medium and confidentiality cannot be assured.


Leavenworth Trip

This Winter we will be going to Leavenworth!

Why go to Leavenworth? Find out from our International Ambassador Rami:


Rami Ghozeil

Five Things to Do in Leavenworth during Christmas

Helloooo, Rami is back! You know, we all need a relaxing vacation after our hard work in school, where we can’t even scratch our heads sometimes due to the pressure. So, I’d like to give you a couple of Christmassy tips to ease your mind and enjoy the Bavarian-styled village, which is Leavenworth. Leavenworth is a beautiful place where you feel like you are in La-La Land. Here are my suggestions for what to do:

  • Christmas shopping: Shopping at a town filled with beautiful shops for Christmas is essential when visiting this beautiful town. You will listen to the sounds of the Leavenworth Villages voices choir at the start of the market, while getting hot chocolate or a glass of wine from a street side seller during shopping. Don’t forget to get a souvenir or a shirt from Leavenworth to make you feel the good vibes you were having when spending time there.


  • When the hunger strikes at Leavenworth: After shopping and spending time in this mesmerizing village during the cold, our bellies will probably start wining about not being fed from their owners. So Leavenworth… will keep this from ever happening. It is filled with lots of restaurants; one of them is German food, which I never tried. Fill your bellies!
  • Visit the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum: They even have a museum in Leavenworth. Can you believe it? Sure they do. Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum is a place filled with nutcrackers 1,800 years old. Even some nutcrackers are made up until recently. Discovering these old things gives you a taste of the past, making you wonder who the owner of this nutcracker was, how did he/she make it? What was the setting? Come take a glimpse of history here!
  • Christmas concerts: Take a break after a long day out discovering these new things for some performances! Sitting and relaxing, eating your snack, sipping on your hot beverage while watching the outstanding performances completes your day. Leavenworth prepares these performances for the Holiday season that includes orchestra, dancing, and live music that makes you feel the Christmas spirit. Come tag along!
  • Take a Snowy Sleigh Ride Through Town: A tour around Leavenworth completes the rest of your Christmas trip. You can find these carriages just inside or outside the town to start your journey around this magical land. You could also enjoy a cup of hot beverage, like hot chocolate while riding through Leavenworth. Ready your horses ladies and gents!


I now invite you to ask me what to do in Leavenworth. I will hopefully visit soon to this La-La land, spending my Christmassy days and relaxing. I will see you there!