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Join us for a weekly social event – just for International Students!

Every Thursday from 4-5pm (Seattle Time) virtually meet with other international students, play games, practice your English conversation and make friends.

Leavenworth Trip

This Winter we will be going to Leavenworth!

Why go to Leavenworth? Find out from our International Ambassador Rami:


Rami Ghozeil

Five Things to Do in Leavenworth during Christmas

Helloooo, Rami is back! You know, we all need a relaxing vacation after our hard work in school, where we can’t even scratch our heads sometimes due to the pressure. So, I’d like to give you a couple of Christmassy tips to ease your mind and enjoy the Bavarian-styled village, which is Leavenworth. Leavenworth is a beautiful place where you feel like you are in La-La Land. Here are my suggestions for what to do:

  • Christmas shopping: Shopping at a town filled with beautiful shops for Christmas is essential when visiting this beautiful town. You will listen to the sounds of the Leavenworth Villages voices choir at the start of the market, while getting hot chocolate or a glass of wine from a street side seller during shopping. Don’t forget to get a souvenir or a shirt from Leavenworth to make you feel the good vibes you were having when spending time there.


  • When the hunger strikes at Leavenworth: After shopping and spending time in this mesmerizing village during the cold, our bellies will probably start wining about not being fed from their owners. So Leavenworth… will keep this from ever happening. It is filled with lots of restaurants; one of them is German food, which I never tried. Fill your bellies!
  • Visit the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum: They even have a museum in Leavenworth. Can you believe it? Sure they do. Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum is a place filled with nutcrackers 1,800 years old. Even some nutcrackers are made up until recently. Discovering these old things gives you a taste of the past, making you wonder who the owner of this nutcracker was, how did he/she make it? What was the setting? Come take a glimpse of history here!
  • Christmas concerts: Take a break after a long day out discovering these new things for some performances! Sitting and relaxing, eating your snack, sipping on your hot beverage while watching the outstanding performances completes your day. Leavenworth prepares these performances for the Holiday season that includes orchestra, dancing, and live music that makes you feel the Christmas spirit. Come tag along!
  • Take a Snowy Sleigh Ride Through Town: A tour around Leavenworth completes the rest of your Christmas trip. You can find these carriages just inside or outside the town to start your journey around this magical land. You could also enjoy a cup of hot beverage, like hot chocolate while riding through Leavenworth. Ready your horses ladies and gents!


I now invite you to ask me what to do in Leavenworth. I will hopefully visit soon to this La-La land, spending my Christmassy days and relaxing. I will see you there!

Sports Day 2018

Did you go to Sports Day? It was at the North Seattle College Gym and we had a great time! We played basketball, badminton, and ping-pong and people won prizes too!


FIFA World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup is here and runs until the final on July 15! We will be showing some of the games in the Grove Cafeteria. Come watch the world cup with us and cheer for your favorite team! Check back here for schedules and times.