Learn about the Library!


Learn about the Library and the Student Media Center from our IA Rami Ghozeil!



Hey Guys, Rami is back! I hope everyone had a great Summer Vacation. I wanted to give you a couple of suggestions of how to use our campus resources into your own work, so you would thrive in every way. I will mention two resources here: The Library and the Student Media Center.

The Library: We are blessed that NSC provided us a place, which is the library, to peacefully get our work done. If you do not have a laptop or a computer, the library is your best choice to work hard and play hard: There are computers, which you can use for your essays and other projects, to print out your work. During my first quarter in North, the library saved my life through the useful resources I needed to complete my assignments. I didn’t have a computer back then, so I was very glad that this college is very supportive in every way, paving the way for us. Furthermore, you can use the library if you have a research project: Instead of going to any public library or any bookstore to find credible sources, which can  consume  a lot of time, our library is the most convenient way to get things done. For that, there is a search engine in the NSC website that you can use to instantly find sources that you need, such as scholarly or primary sources. So tell me, cool right!  Also, if you have a presentation to practice for or you need to study with your friends for a particular assignment, the library offers private rooms that consists of computers, projects, and a large table in which you can get comfortable getting your dreams done. Now, let us talk about the fun stuff: Not only you can use the computers for your assignments, but it is also a place to enjoy yourself if you have a lot to carry on your shoulders. You can use the library to rent movies, shhh don’t tell anyone. For me personally, one of my favorite things to do when I’m in the library during my stressful times is reading. I was shocked of how diverse our library is when it comes to books: Non-Fiction, Fiction, Sci-fi, biographies and so on. So, you are welcome to pass by and enjoy the ride!


Student Media Center: The Student Media Center also offers computers and study rooms in which we can use to complete our assignments, but also it accommodates other useful resources. Some types of projects and art related assignments does not happen in the library, but that kind of party happens in the Student Media Center. I just headed to the Student Media Center an hour ago to work on something, and I actually found out that you could borrow a digital camera for a maximum of 7 days to do what you need to do. Cool right? I was very surprised. If you are more interested in the media field after taking your favorite photos or videos, you can edit, record, export videos, audio-visual software, and video recording equipment. It’s like you have your own private studio, instead of actually going to one, which is expensive. Also, if you’ve got some art in you, the Student Media Center is here to the rescue: you can use scissors, paper punches, glues, markers, colored pencils, cutting boards, and paper cutting. I hope one day this information will make you blossom in every way. Have a nice day!


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