Top 10 Reasons to attend North Seattle College



  1. NSC is a leader in university transfer to University of Washington.
  2. We have highly regarded Associate Degrees and Bachelor’s Degrees in the STEM fields. Our professors have the highest academic standards for the STEM fields and are recognized by prestigious universities like UW. North Seattle College marketing material
  3. NSC has lower tuition costs than 4-year universities for the first 2 years of study. North Seattle College also offers scholarships for International Students.
  4. Individual advising to help you meet your goals.
  5. Great programs including Intensive English and High School Completion – The High School Completion Plus Program offers international students the opportunity to complete a college degree and high school diploma at the same time! Save money and time by completing a Washington State high school diploma and transferable university credit simultaneously.
  6. Smaller classroom size (15-25 students) to help you interact with your classmates and teachers.
  7. We have one of the largest tutoring centers in Washington State to help you excel in your studies!
  8. University Transfer Pathways agreements with elite four-year universities including UW, WSU and Seattle University.
  9. A vibrant and diverse Student Life including concerts, lectures, fitness programs, an award-winning literary magazine and diverse student population that includes more than 900 international students from 50 countries.


  10. Location! NSC has a beautiful campus in the heart of North Seattle, which is near a large shopping district and the city’s popular Greenlake Park.

For more information on North Seattle College visit: 

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