Alumni Spotlight: Marlon Do Couto

35493982_10214071637519438_3900917537084276736_oStudent: Marlon Do Couto

Major at North: International Business

Q: What have you been up to?

A: At NSC I was involved with the student leadership office and with the international programs office. While at Seattle University, I also had the opportunity to get involved with many campus activities and enhance my business/finance knowledge. I was part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, helping small businesses in the area. I also helped to manage the Redhawk Fund, which was a part of the University’s Endowment Fund which has a budget of over $200 million. During my time at SU, I was awarded the Outstanding Transfer Student Academic Achievement Award by the Albers School of Business and the 2018 Provost Award due to my academic achievements and involvement on campus.
Now, I will be working at Parametric Portfolio Associates as an Operations Associate with the Portfolio Administration team.

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