International Ambassadors: Meet Rami

Hey Everyone.

My name is Rami Ghozeil, and I am a student and an international ambassador at North Seattle College. I am from Lebanon, but I lived in Saudi Arabia my whole life, which gave me many experiences during my stay in Seattle.Rami

My first language is Arabic, but I also feel like my first is English too. Additionally, living here has improved my English significantly due to making friends that have different cultural aspects. My reason for taking deciding to take my major, which is Political Science, at North Seattle College is that it offers all the proper education you can wish for in your lifetime. Our college opens your mind in various ways you can think of; you really feel that you are growing. I like to do many activities that would fill out my time and keep me distracted during my stay in Seattle. One of them is working out, because I really care about fitness. There is a saying from Buddha that goes, “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Another thing I like to do is to socialize with new people. Part of being in a college community is not also to study, but also to have fun and get to know new people from different areas around the world. Also, it’s a way to expand the way you think by getting to know the new cultural features that people have that are not too familiar with yours.

Furthermore, I like reading books about non-fiction stories, personal growth, and some fiction stories too. I like to think of it this way: Instead of me spending time on things that waste my time, I like to do useful things, such as reading, to intellectually grow. That is why I made a new club, Multicultural club, to bring people from different culture together to socialize and to make our community a bigger one.


A tip I would like to pass along to you people is that be active as much as you can on our campus. Being active creates many opportunities for you, such as making new friends and getting a job at North Seattle College. For example, my opportunity of becoming an international ambassador came from my daily active habits at North. I became recognized from my peers, who are international ambassadors too, due to being active. It is a great way for you to improve your lifestyle; it also raises those chances of you getting a job on campus. Therefore, it can opens doors for you in all possible ways you can imagine. If you are thinking of starting your education, I recommend you to start thinking of joining our community, which will make you thrive in every way you can imagine. North Seattle College welcomes you with open arms!

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