Welcome to International Programs @ North Seattle College

At North Seattle College you can learn conversational and academic English, prepare for transfer to a four-year school, continue your education beyond an associate degree with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, or train (or retrain) for a career with an Associate of Applied Science degree or short certificate programs.

If you want learn conversational and academic English or improve your English skills for college or graduate school, see Intensive English Program

You may choose to earn a two-year Transfer Associate degree to prepare you to transition to a four-year university or an Applied Science degree  which are designed for specialized fields.  Applied Science-Transfer degrees are designed for students who intend to transfer to specific baccalaureate programs including North’s four Bachelor degrees.

North offers over 40+ different professional/technical certificates for students seeking practical career training in high demand fields. These programs range from 1 quarter to 10 quarters (depending on the program) and are often are not transferrable to other schools. See Certificates.

If you don’t yet have your high school diploma, you can work toward both high school completion and a degree in a combined program. Once you’ve earned your degree, you’ll be qualified to transfer to an American four-year college or university to complete your bachelor’s degree. See High School Completion Plus.

North Seattle College offers four Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees  in Early Childhood Education, Application Development, International Business and Residential and Commercial Property Management (Beginning Fall 2018). When compared to traditional bachelor’s programs, bachelor of applied science degrees more heavily incorporate hands-on learning, focused on a particular industry or discipline. Added bonuses are emphasis on internship opportunities, credit for prior learning and workplace experience. You can also complete the degree program in six quarters, and there are no required summer classes.

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