5 Tips for Success



  1. Be On Time – 50% of being successful is showing up and being on time. If you can make it to class on time, you will be on your way to success!
  2. Be Prepared to Participate – Make sure you have what you need to succeed! You wouldn’t work out in your fancy dress clothes right? You would pack a gym bag with workout clothes. The same is true for class. What is in your backpack that is helping you succeed?
  3. Be Respectful – Treat other’s how you would like to be treated: You never know what someone is going through in their life or if you might interact with them again. Be kind and understanding to others and you never know who might be able to help you along the way!
  4. Be Responsible for your Choices  – You are in control of your life. Yes sometimes things happen, like traffic accidents, but if you take responsibility for your actions, you realize that your success depends on you!
  5. Be Organized – Use a calendar, write things down, make schedules for studying and don’t lose your homework! Organized people are more successful because they know where everything is, they know where they have to be and they always achieve what they set out to do!

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